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My ActiveMile Reward Program

My ActiveMile Reward Program

Welcome to our e-commerce app loyalty program! We've created a loyalty program that rewards our most loyal customers with exclusive discounts and benefits across four tiers: Rookie, Athlete, Pro, and Champ.

1. Before You Start

You must make sure you have downloaded on your smartphone one of the health following apps:

- Google Fit on Android

- Fitness App on IOS

-For Huawei users, please download Google GBox and download Google Fit.

Please activate your app and make sure it is up and running before connecting you ActiveMile rewards app. If you are using a sports smart watch such as Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, Woop, Polar, SUUNTO, Samsung, or any other watch, please make sure you connect your smart watch to your phone’s health app (Fitness on iOS, and Google Fit on Android).

We have compiled a few links for android and IOS users to make it a bit easier.

How to connect to apple fitness app

How to connect to android fitness app

2. Connect your ActiveMile App

Now that you have downloaded the health app, and ActiveMile’s app, you must connect to the health app on your phone to sync with ActiveMile’s app and start earning those ActiveMiles!

If you are using a smart watch, your active calories can be counted by syncing your smart watch to the fitness app for IOS and the google fit on android, which in turn will sync with ActiveMile’s app.

Start you ActiveMile app

- Login to your account (or create one)

- Click on the blue button in the middle

Scroll down and connect the app to the phone’s health app by switching on the toggle button (make sure you grant the ActiveMile app all necessary permissions when prompted)

Your ActiveMile app should sync yesterday’s burnt calories and grant you equivalent ActiveMiles (1 ActiveMile for each 100 active calory).

You are all set now! Start enjoying My ActiveMile.

Important note: Your ActiveMiles will sync only once a day, and only once per account. You will not be able to get ActiveMiles from the same phone if you log into a different account, or if you log in to your same account from a different phone.

3. Troubleshooting- Your AcitveMiles did not sync?

If you are facing an issue with syncing your ActiveMiles, please check the following reasons:

- Your fitness app or Google fit app is not installed on your phone

- Your fitness app or Google fit app is not connected to your ActiveMile app

- Your fitness app or Google fit app is not capturing your activity because they are not synced to your watch if you are using one

4. The Tiers


As a Rookie member, you'll start earning ActiveMiles with every purchase you make and by tracking your active calories. Although you won't receive any benefits at this tier, you can accumulate ActiveMiles to move up to the next tier and unlock exclusive discounts with our many partners. Once you push hard and reach 500 miles plus 1 completed purchase you reach the Athlete Tier.


If you have reached Athlete tier, you'll unlock a variety of exclusive discounts and benefits that are only available to our loyal customers. You'll enjoy exclusive discounts with our many partners as well as offers from service providers.


To reach the Pro tier, you'll need to continue earning ActiveMiles by making 5 purchases and tracking your active calories. At the Pro tier, you'll unlock even more exclusive and higher discounts and benefits.


This is the highest tier you can reach, which is reserved for our most dedicated customers who have accumulated the most ActiveMiles and completed 10 purchases. As a Champ member, you'll enjoy the best benefits and highest discounts our program has to offer, as well as personalized access to exclusive Champ-only events, dedicate account manager, and free delivery on all your orders.

At ActiveMiles, we value our loyal customers and want to reward you for choosing us. So start earning ActiveMiles today and unlock exclusive discounts and benefits with each tier. Join our loyalty program now and become a Champ!


How to View the Offers:

We strive to continuously add new exclusive offers to our My ActiveMile program. You can access the My Offers section from your profile on the app to review the current offers we have in place for you.

How to avail an offer:

If you meet the criteria for a certain offer, please email [email protected] and we will email you the instructions to avail the offer you are interested in.

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