1. Racing Track Trivia

    Racing Track Trivia




    20 quick fire facts to put you in the fast lane when it comes to your Grand Prix knowledge


    1. The first Grand Prix post covid attracted a record breaking 365,000 fans

    2. As of 2021 Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher are tied in the first spot of drivers with the most wins

    orange race car

    3. The fastest lap in history belongs to Michael Schumacher, out of 77 races.

    4. Sadly, 18 drivers have died since the first decade of the F1.  Since 1960 more rigorous regulations were put in place which drastically reduced the number of deaths.

    5. As of 2021 Ferrari is the team with the most world championship wins, totaling 16, most Grand Prix wins amounting to 238, most pole positions with 230 and most race entries with 1030


    6. F1 cars can get from 0 to 300 km/h in 10.6 seconds

    7. To add to that, F1 cars can reach top speeds of 260km/h

    8. Each F1 car is made of 80 THOUSAND components

    9. It costs a staggering 14.58 million pounds to build just one Formula 1 car

    10. The longest F1 racing track is The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium

    11. The fastest pit stop record currently belongs to Red Bull, taking a mere 1.82 seconds with Max Verstappen in the Brazilian Grand Prix

    car race wheel

    12. An F1 engine is usually used for only 5-7 races

    13. An F1 driver loses on average 4lbs per race

    14. There can be up to 600 members making up any 1 F1 team

    15. An F1 car has 25 buttons on the steering wheel…who knew!

    16. you can’t turn a F1 car engine on when it’s cold.

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  2. Climbing High

    Climbing High


    Climb your way to the top of the knowledge tree with these awesome climbing facts


    Rock climbing is fast becoming one of the most popular extreme sports.  Between 2007 and 2014, nearly 19,000 people took part in the sport, this rose to over 148,000 in 2015. 

    Climbing was officially included in the Olympic Games in 2020, with awards given in: climbing, bouldering and speed.

    climbing high


    The mountain Annapurna in Nepal, is known as the most dangerous mountain in the world.  The 10th highest mountain, first climbed by French climbers Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal.  Annapurna has sadly claimed 69 lives and has only been attempted 261 times.  This means that for every 3 climbers that successfully make it up and down, one will die. 

    The tallest ice climbing wall is in Seoul, Korea and measures only 20m.  

    climbing ice


    Austrian female Angela Eiter, holds the record for the hardest sport climb completed by a woman.  She successfully did this on 22 October 2017, by climbing Planta de Shiva.

    The first indoor climbing competition was held in 1986 in Vaulx-en-Velin in Lyon France.

    In 1990 climbing competitions were set up around the world, including: Europe, USA and Japan.  It was decided that all competition climbing would take place on artificial walls, ensuring that every climber has a fair, equal chance when competing. Rather than environmental factors affecting outside climbs. 

    The first IFSC Paraclimbing Cup was organized in Moscow, Russia in 2008.

    In October 2018 the first ever sport climbing Olympic medals were given out

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  3. 10 Breast Cancer Facts You Need to Know

    10 Breast Cancer Facts You Need to Know




    Since we are celebrating pink October, we did some desk research on some breast cancer facts available online, which you would need to know.


    1. Breast cancer is more common than you realize.

    According to American Cancer Society (ACS), breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, second only to skin cancer. The average U.S. woman has about a 12 percent risk of breast cancer in her lifetime. That means 1 in 8 women will develop the disease.


    2. Ethnicity plays a role.

    Breast cancer is more common among white women and African American women. While the rates for white women have stabilized, the rates of breast cancer in African American women have increased slightly in recent years.

    cancer support


    3. Symptoms can be more than just a lump.

    While abreast lump is the most common symptom, it’s not the only one that indicates a risk of breast cancer. Signs can also include

    • Swelling of part or all of the breast
    • Skin irritation
    • Nipple retraction
    • Redness, scaliness or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
    • Nipple discharge other than breast milk

    Women often find symptoms on their own. That’s why it’s so important to know how your breasts look and feel normally.

    holding ribbon


    4. Symptoms can also be outside the breast.

    Breast cancer can spread to the lymph nodes. It can cause swelling or a lump around the collarbone or under the arm before the original tumor in the breast is even big enough to be felt.

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  4. How to…Defend yourself

    How to…Defend yourself







    Luckily for us in the UAE, we are safer than in many other countries. In fact, in 2021 the Gallup Global Law and Order report ranked the UAE as the number one country for walking safely at night, scoring an amazing 95%.  In addition Abu Dhabi was ranked as the safest city in the world for the sixth consecutive year, with Sharjah placing fourth and Dubai eighth, by the Numbeo Safety Index 2022, out of 459 cities worldwide.  But if you tend to have an over active imagination, or like to be prepared in any situation, which may include defending yourself…then this how to guide is for you!


    It is worth noting that in January 2018 a survey of 1,000 women nationwide (in the US) found that 81% had experienced some form of harassment, assault or both in their lifetime.  With many women (and men) travelling through or around the UAE, it is wise to keep your wits about you, particularly if you are in a country that you are unfamiliar with. Always listen to your gut.  If something feels off, chances are, it is! And if everything turns out fine, you have lost nothing.  Never feel like you are being rude or impolite if you refuse to take someone upon an offer of a ride or drink.  The choice is yours, and yours alone, to ensure your personal safety.



    Active Mile is always looking out for you, so we have compiled some basic self-defense pointers whether you are at home or away, designed to empower you in any situation where you might feel a little vulnerable, or you are under attack.


    Aim for the soft spots

    If you are taken unawares by an attacker, you will have very little time to think, but a good starting point is aim for t

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  5. So, you want to be a footballer?

    So, you want to be a footballer?








    Or at least know the basics to be able to hold your own...


    With the World Cup imminently approaching our desert sands, we thought we would put together a handy guide covering the basics of this beloved sport. For those of you that have watched from the sidelines pretending you know the score, this guide is for you.

    Male, female, old or young; football is a sport that has always been hugely popular with a wide variety of people; and now, the sport is open to a diverse range of people.  More than ever, everyone is invited to play the game.  But where do you begin? With the basics of course.


    The Players


    The easiest fact to remember is that there are 11 players on each team.  In addition, both sides have substitutes waiting on the sidelines for a change at a kick of the ball. There isn’t one set formation for a game of football; however, it is common to see a 4-4-2 play on the pitch.

    soccer players


    In simple terms: 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 strikers. Its handy to know that even if this formation is in play, all players are allowed anywhere on the pitch.

    Some of the positions you might hear being mentioned include: 


    Centre Forward

    Very similar to a striker. However, a CF might play slightly more forwards, closer to the goal.


    Centre Defensive Midfield

    Situated in the middle of the field. Defense is the primary goal.  These positions tend to be playmakers, and great tacklers.


    Centre Attacking Midfield

    Like the C

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  6. No Limits to the Depths of Dubai’s Imagination

    No Limits to the Depths of Dubai’s Imagination







    An underwater city, giant oyster shells, and the deepest dive in the world can be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike at Dubai’s most recent water attraction.


    The vision and creativity of Dubai has no limits to both its height and its depths! Not content with being home to the world’s tallest building, going in the other direction Dubai now also proudly presents the deepest dive pool in the world, respectfully taking the record previously held by Deepspot in Poland.


    Deepspot held the record with a pool depth of over 45 meters, however Deep Dive Dubai smashes that out of the water with a jaw dropping depth of 60 meters.  Filled with 14 million litres of fresh water, which is 6 times the volume needed for an Olympic pool, Deep Dive Dubai is over four times bigger than any other pool globally.


    Not content with that record breaking feat, there is much more than depth to this attraction.  The pool is also home to a stunning underwater city, which can be explored by divers, artistically designed to include apartment buildings, divers can even play underwater pool in the sunken arcade.


    With atmospheric technical support this truly is an experience like no other.  The inclusion of modern lighting and sounds means that the pool can be turned into an underwater film studio, the largest in the region.  We bet James Cameron wishes he had access to this when he was directing Titanic. 


    Beautifully paying homage to the Emirati history of

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  7. Badminton Trivia

    Badminton Trivia







    You never know when you might need some badminton trivia right…with Bright Sports Badminton Championships and the Emirati Open Badminton tournament that already happened in Dubai in June, we thought we would serve you up our top 10 badminton facts, so you can look like you know what you are talking about with your friends!


    1. Badminton was originally called Poona. As it was frequently played by British officers stationed in the Indian garrison town of Poona in the 1960s.

    2. The shuttlecock used in a game of badminton weighs about five grams and is one of the lightest pieces of sports equipment.


    3. Badminton can be played as both singles and doubles. The single game is played on the rectangular court that is 44 feet long and 17 feet wide.  For doubles the width is increased to 20 feet.


    4. Badminton joined the other sports in the Olympics in 1992 for separate sex singles and doubles matches. In 1996 mixed matches were allowed.


    5. As of 2022, the longest singles badminton match lasted 26 hours 28 minutes and 20 seconds. This was by players Bartlomiej Szczerba and Janusz Stachon-Gol both from Poland, and took place on 27-28th September 2019.

    Badminton match

    6. There is a Chinese version of badminton called Ti Zian Ji – The difference being that this version is played with feet instead of rackets!


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  8. How to…eat healthy on a budget!

    How to…eat healthy on a budget!







    Eating healthy can be expensive, trying to find the best produce, protein shakes, bars, nuts, seeds…the list is endless. But it doesn’t have to break the bank.  If you want to eat healthier, but don’t want to take out a loan to do so, then this guide is for you.


    1. Cook at home

    It’s so tempting and easy to order in, and eat out in Dubai, even if it’s healthy.  But regularly picking up that phone to get your food delivered soon adds up.  This tip is about getting into good habits.  Make it a good habit to cook at home. Plan ahead, so you’re not tempted to order in at the last minute. You will save money, time and calories.

    woman cooking


    2. Plan & prepare

    Planning your meals for the week, is the best way to not only eat healthier, but to also save the pennies. There are so many websites to help you prep and plan. We recommend  Make your shopping list and plan a weekly menu that you can look forward to.

    weekly food plan


    3. Cupboard check

    Before you place your shopping order and plan your weekly meals, have a quick look in the cupboards and fridge, see what you have left over, and what you can use the following week.  This will save you money, and also help to avoid unnecessary food waste.

    checking fridge


    4. Shop around the edges

    Did you know that most supermarkets tend to place th

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  9. The Gentle Art of Jiujitsu

    The Gentle Art of Jiujitsu







    How the peaceful practice of defending oneself developed into the competitive sport it is today.

    Martial arts is rapidly growing in the Middle East, a complex sporting genre with many different forms, styles, and theories regarding its origin. With the Jiujitsu Vice President Cup taking place in Dubai in June, this article aims to explore this complicated yet beautiful sport further.

    jiu jitsu cup


    Although popular as a defensive sport, the literal translation of jiujitsu is ‘gentle art.’  There are many countries that claim the sport as its own including Japan, China, Germany and Egypt. Almost all countries throughout history, were heavily involved in hand-to-hand combat at some point, and after all hand-to-hand contact is the basis of jiujitsu.  One of the main reasons it’s so challenging to pinpoint where exactly the sport originated; is due to the deep-rooted age of the art; with historians pouring over ancient manuscripts, writings, and illustrations, to try and determine its humble origin. 


    Another country that could be a contender for the initiator of the sport is Greece.  Famous for it’s Olympic Games, Pankration which combines wrestling and boxing technique, was a particular favourite in Ancient Greece; similar technique can be seen in jiujitsu.  Alexander the Great was known to travel the world as part of his reign, it is thought that he introduced this style of martial arts to India, thus showcasing this gentle artform to the world.

    Jiu Jitsu


    This is one of the many wonderous suggestions; a secon

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  10. How to…balance and bend without breaking your back!

    How to…balance and bend without breaking your back!







    You don't have to be a child to learn the basics of gymnastics. Young or old, this is an activity everyone can get involved with in some way. Luckily here in Dubai, we have a number of gymnastic schools and classes; for both adults and children, and it's more popular than you might think!

    If you're an adult looking to stretch and flex those muscles in a creative, non judgement environment, we've got the best tips and tricks and places to go right here in Dubai.  If you're still able to bend down without your knees creaking (aka the younger generation), or you want to know how you can get your child involved in this beautiful, competitive sport, then this article is for you!

    balance coaching


    The professionals make gymnastics look so spectacular, as they seamlessly move from one formation into another, in the most graceful and elegant ways.  It's unlikely young or old, that you will be landing triple somersaults in your first class!  But everyone's got to start somewhere, right?

    At Active Mile, we love seeing people step out of their comfort zones, especially where fitness is concerned.  Don't let that voice in your head tell you, you can't do something, or that everyone is looking at you and judging you.  They aren't! And if you do listen to that voice, you're less likely to have some good fun whilst getting fit.  It's good to watch and enjoy seeing others get their gymnastics on, but don't let this stop you.  You are on your own journey, and everyone is at a different point in theirs. You will always have an experienced instructor, who will guide and support you, giving you exercises pitched at the right level for your capabilities.

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