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Seller Packaging Standards


From pick up to delivery, we ensure that your products are properly packaged– but you need to play a role in this!



It is normal that with the changing weather and settings and during re-packaging, handling and delivery, every package will undergo pressure such as shocks, vibration, heat, and other environmental influences such as moisture, dust, and dirt during transport.

Activemile's packaging standards set here forth should be considered as a minimum requirement and if in the experience of delivering a certain product, additional measures are necessary to protect the goods, or enhance its visual appeal these will be performed upon the Seller’s discretion.



1) In General


Generally, packaging the products must be implemented in such a way that the goods and their packaging can be shipped, stored and delivered without damage.

Furthermore, it should also be ensured that the packaging can withstand multiple transports during delivery.

In the selection of the shipment packaging and pallets, attention must be paid to the correct size (shipment contents plus padding) and to sufficient stability.



2) Packaging Content


For very heavy products or products please ensure the cardboard is thick enough to hold the weight, if packaging must be made of wood (crates) or components of wood (wood stacking frames), please inform us in advance to ensure proper shipping measures are taken.

Always ensure that the more sensitive to pressure and jolts, and the heavier and larger the shipped goods are, the more rugged the exterior packaging should be designed.

If multiple products are packaged into one package, padding must be used to create distance between individual products.

Use protective bubble wrap paper and ample cushioning as needed to protect your product.

Never attempt to ship prohibited or restricted items. (Please review our Seller Terms and Conditions)



3) Packaging material


The use of recyclable and reusable materials is preferred for packaging if it is a viable option for the Seller.

Otherwise, chose a cardboard box to pack your item safely.

It is preferable to use pre-made boxes and labels that are on already created up to the required standards.


Don’t old or worn out packaging nor crumbled newspaper, and ensure to tape your package as required.




4) Package Sizes


The package sizes shall be appropriately selected in reference to the size of the packaged product. If the package size is bigger, fillers need to be added to avoid the product movement and damage during transit.

Always ensure there is little space as possible between the item and the side of the box and that products can’t shift inside the box.



5) Waybills


All Shipment orders waybills need to be printed out attached to the product before collection. Any order that does now include the Shipment Order waybill will be rejected by the courier and will result in delay fees.



6) Labels


The designation and description of the contents of the package shall correspond completely and exactly with the packaging and labeling.

Ensure to always Remove any old shipping labels.



7) Fragile Items


As feasible as possible and for increased care in shipping and handling work, all packaging of fragile items shall be marked with handling symbols as applicable.

You can also nest a box within another box for extra care of fragile items .


In general, make sure your products are packaged appropriately for shipping and handling and still looks good! We will do our part in ensuring your products are protected but we need you to do yours too.


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