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Yunmai Facial Massage Gun

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Brand : Yunmai

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Deep-tissue massager for muscles, 3200 RPM/60W brushless motor, 4 heads, 3 speeds, breaks down stiffness and pain Knead directly 12 mm deep, surface engineering technologies, 45dB whisper level noise.

Breaking Down Adhesion, Muscle Recovery, Fascia Relaxation.

The powerful high frequency vibration will deeply stimulate fascia, and comb muscle nodules, which can break down adhesion and relax tight and stiff muscle tissues at the same time. It will greatly reduce pain and soreness after exercise, relieve exercise fatigue, and awaken muscle vitality

60W Strong Power Hand Massager. The PRO BASIC is equipped with a 60W super quiet brushless motor, which produces a high torque of 106Mn.m; the 3200rpm high-speed allow the device stimulate muscle groups in 12mm depth. The powerful and high frequency percussion can quickly neutralize the lactic acid produced after exercise, and bring you a recovery and comfortable experience in the depths of you.

Surface Engineering Design. The unique double-bearing rotating structure, equipped with powerful and small-size motor, greatly ensures the safe operation while providing strong power and reduces wear and heat, as well as, realizes a stable braking and retracting. Adopting T-shaped surfacing engineering design, which constructs dynamic side lines and saves space, to reduce the bulkiness and enhance the gripping experience.

2600mAh Rechargeable Li-Battery. The YUNMAI PRO BASIC uses a 2600mAh long-lasting lifetime lithium battery.

Minimalist Design. The unique minimalist design with the sophisticated technology, create the one-piece structure, the hidden button blend with YUNMAI PRO BASIC of starry gray, both sides of the fuselage are embellished by silver, shows the sense of technology in the details.

3 Strength Levels. Based on the force theory of body muscles and skeleton, YUNMAI Pro has 3 vibration modes, between 1800-3200rpm, switch it according to your own requirements, whether it's muscle relaxation after exercise or daily body massage, you can find the most suitable for you. 14 hours in speed 1, 10 hours in speed 2, and 9 hours in speed 3.

4 Professional Massage Heads. In order to provide a more comfortable massage experience, YUNMAI provides four matching soft massage heads of food grade silicone for different parts of the body, and can replace the corresponding massage head according to its own requirements, the unique honeycomb internal structure provides the buffer protection to reduce bone damage.

- Round Head. Suitable for massaging the back, arms, thighs, calves and other large muscle groups.

- U-shaped head. Suitable for massaging the neck and both sides of spine, as well as the achilles tendon.

- Bullet head. Suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridians, joints, palms and soles.

- Flat head. Suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts.

Relax in an Efficient Massage in Only 10 Minutes. Have you ever been bothered by deep pressures caused by sitting for too long, or back pain due to carrying heavy objects? With YUNMAI PRO BASIC, everything will be OK by only an efficient massage of only 10 minutes. 

Intelligent Protection. To avoid massaging in the same place for too long and damaging muscles and bones, an intelligent timing function was designed for the YUNMAI PRO BASIC fascia gun. It will stop automatically after 10 minutes of continuous use to ensure human safety and give scientific and considerate protection.

More Information
Battery Type Lithium
Top Features Muscle Massager, deep relaxing Breaks down stiffness and soreness 3 speeds, 4 heads
Product_Weight 1.310000
Color Grey
Brand Yunmai
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